Pet Grooming Schools in Hawaii

According to the statistical database at The Bureau of Labor Statistics, the employment in the animal care service industry is expected to grow by roughly 23% over the coming decade. This is great news if you wish to become an animal groomer. It is also the ideal industry to work in if you are a fan of animals and pets and enjoy their company.

Keep in mind, that the animal grooming industry is not just limited to cats and gods. Although you are right in pointing out that they are the most common forms of household and domesticated animals. This industry pertains to other animals such as Bears, Horses, Monkeys, Rabbits, and the like.

But what is the scope of an animal groomer’s job description? It is quite extensive and can involve a number of detailed activities. The job of an animal groomer or pet technician is to primarily care for an animal’s hygiene. This can include hair care, nail care, skin care, bathing, oral hygiene, ear care among others. Other activities include keeping animals free from worms, insects and various pests that may cause problems. Giving animals a clean bill of health from a physical stand point is also one of the many tasks.

If you are in or around the state of Hawaii, you should explore the various animal grooming colleges and schools. As of yet the state does not require animal groomers to be certified in order to practice. However, it is always a bonus for animal groomers to possess a certain level of training or education in the field given the competitive market.

According to, the average annual salary for animal groomers in Hawaii is $31,000. As you gain more experience and market exposure, you are likely to enjoy a greater return.

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