Pet Grooming Schools in Georgia

Some people develop a bond with their animal pets as strong as a parent has with their child. Thus it becomes their responsibility to provide them with utmost love and care. Animals will accept anyone who treat them with care and respect. In order to extend and enhance the life and health of these animals, it is necessary to provide them with regular grooming. Animal grooming is part of the service industry that specializes in giving hygiene care to animals. The objective is to keep them free from disease, infection and to keep them presentable and glamorous.

Animal grooming would be interesting for people who love animals and are concerned about animal welfare and health. If you wish to seek training and academic exposure in this field, you can look towards accredited schools in Georgia that offer various courses related to animal grooming, such as Grooming Basics, Hair Styling, Animal Hygiene, Nail trimming, Show Preparation, Hair and Skin disease and so on. Apart from academic exposure, practical exposure is equally important so that the learning can be translated into practical knowledge.

There is definitely scope in this field and many career options exist. Some positions that may be available include Stylist, Salon Manager, Groomer, Animal Trainer, Kennel Manager. As a fresh graduate, you may have to gradually work your way up to management level. One important factor in all these jobs is trust. It is essential for clients and their animals to trust their groomers. What gives clients the most comfort is the fact that a groomer is academically qualified and possesses training in the field. This way they know that their beloved animal is in trusted hands. According to, pet technicians and animal groomers in Georgia can earn an average salary of $30,000 per year.

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