Animal & Pet Grooming Schools in North Dakota

Animal groomers work directly with household pets and their owners. It is a relationship of deep and blind trust between the three of them. They work on maintaining pet’s appearances and external hygiene and cleanliness. The kinds of services animal groomers provide are cutting the pet’s nails, brushing and trimming their fur, cleaning their ears, shampooing and drying their fur, cleaning their ears, checking for oral of skin infections and so on. Other duties for an animal groomer include working with the pet owners on providing them information and advice on how to take care of their pets, scheduling appointments and recording information on the pet’s behavior.

Basically it is a profession that works towards ensuring the general hygiene and presentation of domesticated pets. Perhaps the best way to make a name for oneself in any industry is be seeking accredited degrees in animal grooming. You may find programs or courses in North Dakota that cater to budding animal groomers. Generally the kinds of courses that are offered are client relations, animal behavior and handling, grooming, clinical procedures, first aid, animal anatomy, oral and dental hygiene, trimming, equipment handling and maintenance and so on.

There has been a fast growth in animal care workers due to the increase in pet owners for the past few years. The BLS ( has predicted a 23% increase in animal groomer, pet technician and pet lab attendant employment over this decade. Furthermore, there are over 50 animal grooming saloons or businesses in the state (

Animal groomers can get opportunities in grooming salons and services, pet shops, animal shelters, kennels, veterinary clinics etc. Some can even have private businesses and work out of their house to provide grooming services. Graduates can start as an apprentice to groomers since experience with animals is required to work in this field.

The average yearly salary for animal groomers in North Dakota is $26,000 ( This figure is likely to escalate as you gain more experience.

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