Animal Grooming Schools in Connecticut

As a service industry, animal grooming is taken very seriously in the state of Connecticut. Training, licensing and academic qualification are needed if you wish to be an animal groomer in Connecticut. This goes to show that there is a high standard of excellence when it comes to the animal grooming profession. The purpose of standards is to protect the business and its stakeholders such as consumers, workers, animals, clients as well as the environment.

Look for animal grooming schools and colleges that provide a wide range of training skills, courses and concepts. For example, the Connecticut School of Dog Grooming is a viable option if you live in or around the state of Connecticut. It is a requirement of Connecticut law that animal groomers need to be licensed under the Department of Agriculture. Naturally all regulations must be complied with in accordance to the law.

You will come across a number of relevant courses during your studies in an animal grooming school. These courses well adequately provide you with training that is necessary to learn the basic and advanced principles related to the field of animal grooming. The courses that you may be exposed to are Basic Grooming, Grooming Tools and Equipment, Skin Disease and Infection, Bathing, Hair Styling, Insects and Pests, Oral Hygiene and many others.

Keep in mind that animal grooming is not just limited to Dogs and Cats – although they are the most common house hold pets. All animals require grooming such as Horses, Exotic cats, Monkeys, Bears, Rabbits and even mice. Therefore you will have a chance to work with a number of animals.

The average annual salary for animal groomers and pet technicians in Connecticut is $37,000 as stated on As you accumulate experience in the field, your earning can increase.

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