Animal Grooming Schools in Colorado

There are many pet and animal enthusiasts in Colorado and this can be supported by the sheer number of animal and pet enthusiasts you may have witnessed around the neighborhood. Given this large number of pet owners, there is demand for animal and pet grooming services. After all, animal care is taken seriously by the owners as well as the state. It is a huge responsibility to be an animal owner and hence proper care and resources must be diverted to their safety, shelter, health and growth.

To enter the industry and make a name for yourself, it is important that you seek qualification and training through an accredited animal training school. Take a look at the various animal grooming schools in Colorado and see what programs they have to offer. If you become a qualified and trained animal groomer, you have a number of possible job opportunities. For instance you can work in one of the many grooming saloons around the neighborhood in Colorado. You can perhaps specialize in preparing cats and dogs for exhibitions or shows where the victor is determined by the style and fashion.

Another option is to start your own animal grooming service. This requires considerable investment, planning and dedication. During your studies in animal grooming, you may also be taught entrepreneurship and venturing out as a businessman. Other courses you may come across are Basic Grooming, Animal types and breeds, Grooming equipment, Animal exercise and so on. You may be required to work in a number of different environments such as zoos, animal shelters, pet stores, private residences, kennels, clinics and so on.

According to the salary archive at, the average annual earning of an animal groomer and animal & pet technician in Colorado is $34,000. You will gradually progress as you gain more field experience.

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