Animal Grooming Schools in Arkansas

It may sound surprising at first, but human beings are not the only ones who visit barbers, stylists and beauty saloons. Gone are the days where personal grooming and body hygiene services were exclusive to human beings. Now your favorite pet animal has every right to get pampered and groomed as much as you do. So do not be surprised when someone tells you that they are taking their beloved pet for a pedicure or a trim. It is quite normal these days.

The job of an animal groomer is to give hygiene care and services to animals. These animals are not limited to just cats and dogs but can also include horses, rabbits, exotic cats and so on. Every animal has the right to be groomed to perfection. Grooming can include a number of services such as baths, trims, nail clipping, dental care, oral care, hair/fur health and so on. It can also include giving animals a new style for their coat which can also include a new color or shade altogether.

The best way to kick start your career in animal grooming is by getting some form of training. Due to the fact that there are many different animals and species out there, you must understand the various grooming requirements and variables to that you have a broad skill set. With this training you will be able to groom all kinds of animals, be they cats, dogs or horses.

Animal grooming schools in Arkansas should be a decent starting point for you. You may come across courses such as Animal Care, Animal Hygiene, Animal Oral Care, Styling and Trimming, Animal Grooming Equipment Maintenance and so on.

According to the database at, the average annual salary for animal groomers in Arkansas is $24,000.

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