Pet Grooming Schools in New Hampshire

Animals like humans, require love and care for living a happy, healthy life. Quality of life should be something that every living creature should enjoy. When we talk about animal care, it is not only limited to food, water or shelter. Hygienic care is something that should also be considered and emphasized on what it comes to animals. This has given birth to the field of animal grooming. Animal grooming is basically providing domesticated animals with hygiene related services as well as external presentation and appearance services.

Making a career out of something like animal grooming is not everyone’s cup of tea, but is more suitable for people who love animals and would love to spend more time with them in order to understand them better. It is a career industry for those who are genuinely concerned about animal welfare and health.

If you look for animal grooming schools in New Hampshire, you may find an avenue or path for entering the industry to make a career out of it.Some courses that you may have to go through include Animal Hygiene, Hair Styling and Presentation, General Health, Oral Hygiene, Dental Care, Insects and Pests, Communication Skills, Infections and Diseases and so on.

Specializing in this field may provide vast opportunities. Some of the career options available to students may include Stylist, Groomer, Salon Manager, Animal Trainer, Board Kennel Manager, Board Kennel Assistant, Lab Attendant, Pet Technician and others.

There are over 150 listed and recognized pet grooming services, businesses and saloons in the state of New Hampshire ( This may lead one to believe that there may be plenty of work options around the state. Being qualified and academically experienced may give you a greater shot at finding employment. The average annual salary for animal groomers in New Hampshire is $32,000 ( Furthermore, the statistics at the Bureau of Labor Statistics state that employment in this field during this decade is expected to increase by 23%.

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