Alternative Medicine Schools in Nevada

The state of Nevada has been famous for the industrial and agricultural products. The industrial outputs mainly comprise of electric equipment, machinery and mining. The state has also been working to make healthcare facilities better for its residents and thus have made advancement in the field of healthcare.

Students enrolled in alternative medicine schools in Nevada may learn a lot about various concepts of homeopathy, acupuncture and natural healing. Perhaps it is the experience of a teacher that matters the most and how they are able to transform what they have learned. It is worthy to note that people have suffered from various diseases that were different from what we have today. If compared with modern day healthcare concepts we may come to know that alternative medicine is something that has been left far behind. Nevertheless, in reality, natural healing methods are quite beneficial as compared to the contemporary medical treatment. This is because the approach used is relatively different. It focuses on the root cause rather than a mere treatment. Thus for this purpose a naturopath or a homeopathic doctor might diagnose patients completely from head to toe. This field includes several branches such as ear candling, reiki, electropathy, crystal healing, fasting therapy, meditation, acupuncture, ayurveda and a long list of other healing concepts. An alternative healthcare practitioner may work in various places such as clinics, hospitals, day spas, cruise ships and various organizations.

To become an alternative healthcare practitioner, candidate may need to possess a diploma or a bachelor’s degree. The coursework comprises of naturopathy, biology, anatomy, and nutrition and students may also work with herbs for the improvement of health. The average yearly salary for these experts in Nevada, as of 2012, is $63,000 (

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