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Iowa or the Heartland of America is known for its healthcare services. Besides healthcare, the role of finance, insurance and agriculture cannot be ignored as these industries have given a   boost to the economy.

Alternative medicine schools in Iowa may give sufficient knowledge regarding alternative medication. Infact, the evolution of alternative medicine came about during the ages when the kings and the knights reigned. Alternative method of treatment used to provide quality care when people got injured during wars. Besides that they made use of many herbs for curing diseases. Even though people are dependent on the modern methods of medication, still there is something in alternative medicine that may turn out to be beneficial as compared to any other treatment. This form of treatment uses natural herbs rather than treating people through tablets or medicines. One of the oldest types of alternative medicine is acupuncture which heals patients by piercing needles in the body of patients. This may be perceived as painful yet an effective Chinese concept.

A lot of renowned alternative medicine schools may help candidates to be able to deal with patients having long term diseases by using theoretical knowledge gained. Through these schools, candidates may come to know about a career which could be pursued according to their interest and expertise. There are various forms of alternative healthcare services such as crystal healing, aromatherapy, reflexology and therapy of massage.

Alternate health practitioners may need to acquire at minimum a bachelor’s degree or a certification course. Those who wish to advance in this field for better career opportunities may also opt for a master’s degree. Further advancement could be made, once candidates achieve a doctoral degree. Those who earn a bachelor’s degree may work in spas, resorts, and sports organizations. The average salary for an alternative medicine professional on an annual basis is $34,000, as of 2012 (

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