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California is a flourishing state with cities like Los Angeles, San Jose and San Diego which have contributed greatly in the rapid progress of the state. The reason is that these cities are a source of wealth and pride for the state where work is mainly done in information technology, manufacturing, aerospace and education sector.

One of the greatest providers of area specific knowledge is alternative medicine schools in California. Before knowing about what kind of education is given in these alternative medicine colleges, it is worthy to understand what the field is all about. Diseases are very common today and science has proved that almost every illness has a cure. But not all these cures are good enough for treating chronic illnesses. Many of them have side effects or they finish the illness partially which increases the need for constant medication.

Alternative medicine is a traditional way of curing diseases. These medicines are made of herbs, plants or special trees and some other procedures are also used for overcoming issues like migraines, headache, ailments or back pains. Professionals who provide cure with these medicines keep a proper track of cultural beliefs and customs because many times server health issues are treated following traditional methods.

A lot of well-known schools might have many degrees in this discipline, both at masters and doctoral level. These institutes also offer specialization to students for becoming acupuncturist or homeopathic doctors. They are also trained while being a part of a certain program to work in many places including hospitals, care centers and therapists’ facilities. Some might also work in private practices and grow their own herbs and plants according to medications set for patients. Others could be employed in many manufacturing or agricultural firms for offering health services. In California, an alternative medicine practitioner earns median pay of $108,000 per annum, as of 2012 (

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