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Arizona is a renowned state of the US and has many bright and glowing cities including phoenix and Tucson. These modern cities have thriving businesses. On the other hand, the economy depends upon government, agriculture, healthcare and transportation.

Though there are varied careers available for people who practice farming. You might also find many career choices in healthcare sector, where alternative medicine has been gaining a lot of popularity. The first step is to know what this career is all about. This varied way of treatment is based on traditional knowledge rather than modern one and includes ways of healing many diseases. Issues of back pain, stress, migraine, arthritis and ailments are also handled by these specialists. A person who practices this medicine could be an acupuncturist, massage therapist or homeopathic practitioner. Cultural beliefs and norms hold a great place in treating health issues and strong focus is given to them. Today, holistic drugs and reflexology treatments are used for healing and curing patients. Other than that, a system designed by practitioners is called CAM (contemporary and alternative medicine) in which focus is given to understand spiritual nature of a person, after which a treatment is made available.

If you are interested in advancing in this field, and become an alternative health practitioner then there are many alternative medicine schools in Arizona. Here you could choose a doctoral degree in different specialties. You might be called to work in hospitals, massage clinics, therapist’s facilities and more. Training might also be given to operate privately by examining and growing herbs. Furthermore, you might be taught to observe and inspect symptoms of diseases or an epidemic illness. You could even advance in Chinese medicine which is yet again a reputed field. Only through education, you could be able to earn a median wage of $89,000 annually, as of 2012 (

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