Allied Health Schools in Pennsylvania

The University of Pennsylvania is considered to be the very first university in the US as it launched the first medical school.  The official state motto is “virtue, liberty, and independence.”  Since the year 1802, Pennsylvania has been known as the keystone state and also known as the Quaker state.  This state offers an exceptional quality of life.  Land and housing costs are affordable, the schools are excellent, and top of the line health care is available which makes it a wonderful place to live.

Allied health careers often require a 2-year degree.  Some positions require the pursuit of a bachelor’s or master’s degree which is beneficial to increased earning potential. Each of the positions has their own requirements such as:

Medical Assistants:

They often work in a doctor’s office, hospital, or other place that offers healthcare.  Medical assistants work in clinical and administrative tasks.  Under the supervision of a licensed physician they can schedule appointments, perform basic tests, and can prepare laboratories.

Medical Illustrator

Through the use of biology and art skills, students learn to make models or create drawings of the human anatomy.  These images can be used in court cases, publications, and teaching.  This course is offered as a graduate program.

Cardiovascular Technician

These students will learn to work on the clinical side of the healthcare field and will work under the direction of Cardiologists when they get a job.  The course study is a two to four year program.  Students will be required to have an understanding of operations of cardiovascular equipment and surgical procedures.  They must also possess a solid foundation in biological sciences.

Additional job options are:  surgical assisting, blood banking, kinesiotherapy, exercise physiology, and surgical technology.  Students are required to learn about anatomy, medical terminology, physiology, and record keeping.  They also will include vocational internships.

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