Allied Health Schools in New Hampshire

New Hampshire is a small, sparsely populated Northeastern state known for its recreational attractions like skiing, snowmobiling, hiking and mountain climbing. Tourism is a major industry, and the major agricultural outputs include apples, eggs and dairy products.

An allied health care worker is a licensed professional who specializes in one of many support roles for doctors, nurses or dentists. An allied health school in New Hampshire can provide the necessary training for any of these roles. Allied health schools are technical schools, so the student only needs to learn the skills necessary for a particular specialty and doesn’t need to learn a lot of generalized knowledge of other subjects that don’t pertain to that specialty.

There are a wide variety of specialties available for students. Most of these positions require 2-4 years of training, but quite a few of them require one year or less of training. Some of these jobs can be used as stepping stones to a better job later, allowing you to gain valuable on-the-job training while collecting a paycheck.

Here are a couple examples of specialties in allied health:

Pharmacy Technician

A pharmacy technician assists a pharmacist in day-to-day operations related to the preparation and dispensing of pharmaceuticals. Their duties can include filling prescriptions, waiting on customers, keeping patients’ records and managing insurance claims.

According to, a New Hampshire pharmacy technician makes, on average, a yearly salary of $35,000, which is 2% lower than the national average.

Health Care Administrator

Health care administrators plan, direct, supervise and coordinate the delivery of health care. They can either be a specialist who administers a specific clinical department—such as nursing, surgery, therapy or medical records—or they can be a generalist who oversees an entire facility. This can be a great destination job; for example, a physical therapist can eventually become an administrator of a physical therapy department. states that in New Hampshire, the average health care administrator earns about $63,000 per year.

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