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Nebraska is a Midwestern Plains state known for its treeless prairie and its extremes in weather, including high winds, temperature extremes and violent thunderstorms and tornadoes. It’s an overwhelmingly rural, farming state, though telecommunications, manufacturing and information technology also play important roles in the economy.

Allied health care specialists are the licensed professionals who perform any of the countless tasks needed to support regular doctors, dentists and nurses. The allied health schools in Nebraska offer the training you’ll need to become a licensed professional in any of these support roles.

Though there are many jobs available in the allied health care industry, here are a few samples:

Medical Assistant

This is a popular career option and is a position that is highly in demand. There are two main types, clinical and clerical (or administrative).

Clinical medical assistants work in the back office or clinic, performing jobs like helping with physical examinations, sterilizing instruments, obtaining vital signs and maintaining treatment rooms.

Clerical assistants are responsible for staying current on insurance and billing regulations, scheduling patient appointments, receiving patients and answering phones.

According to, the average annual salary of a medical assistant in Nebraska is $32,000, which is 19% lower than the national average.

Veterinary Assistant

A veterinary assistant is trained to perform a number of tasks, including cleaning and maintaining equipment and holding pens, performing administrative work, caring for patients and restraining patients. reports that the average Nebraska veterinary assistant earns $21,000 per year.

Physical Therapist

The primary responsibility of physical therapists is to help patients recover from injuries or illnesses. They teach their patients how to properly exercise in ways that will strengthen and restore the patients to as full of a capacity as possible. Therapists also provide treatment, in the form of massage therapy, whirlpool baths, heat lamps and ultrasound machines.

A physical therapist in the state of Nebraska, according to, makes an average salary of $69,000 per year.

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