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Montana is a Western state known for its beautiful National Parks, including Yellowstone and Grand Teton. According to the 2010 census, Montana ranked 44th in population and 48th in population density. Its largest city was Billings, at about 100,000 people. The economy of central and eastern Montana, which is mostly composed of Northern Plains, is largely based upon oil, coal, ranching, wheat farms and services. The economy of the mountainous western third of the state features tourism, lumber and hard rock mining.

The term “allied health care professional” refers to a licensed specialist who plays a subordinate role for doctors, nurses or dentists. An allied health school in Montana can provide all the necessary education and training for any of these specialists.

Advantages of Allied Health

Attending an allied health school saves a lot of time and money over attending the combination of a university and medical school. While most allied health programs require 2-4 years of training, some only require one. When comparing this to the minimum of 6-8 years of education plus an internship period that a doctor, dentist or nurse must go through, it’s easy to see that an allied health school is a great alternative for a person wanting to start earning a paycheck as soon as possible. With an allied health school, you receive only the specific training you need, rather than having to spend years taking courses in general knowledge that don’t apply to your job specialty.

Another advantage is that you can start off working at a job that can serve as a stepping stone while you continue to take night classes to further your training. Some employers will even pay for part or all of these classes, knowing they’re reaping the benefits of a better-trained employee.

Pay Scale

According to, the average medical biller in Montana earns $28,000 per year, the average medical assistant earns $40,000, and the average assistant health care administrator averages $65,000. These numbers are 1% higher than the national average.

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