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According to the nonprofit foundation Commonwealth Fund, Mississippi ranks last among the fifty states in the qualitative performance of its health care system. Wikipedia, citing authors from newspapers in Los Angeles and Jackson, Mississippi, claims that, from 2005-8, Mississippi led the nation in the rate of obesity, and also leads in the rate of high blood pressure, diabetes and adult inactivity.

Allied health schools are designed for people who want to become health care professionals without having to obtain a bachelor’s degree. These schools provide all the training a person will need to gain a license to play a supporting role to dentists, doctors and nurses.

A Growing Industry

The health care industry is booming. Part of the reason is because of the amazing advancements in medical science that allow people to live longer; as people get older, they require more health care.

The Altarum Institute conducted a study of the recession time period, specifically from December of 2007 to September of 2010. The Institute, citing figures from the Bureau of Labor, concluded that health care jobs had grown by 5.5% during that period, while jobs in other industries had fallen by 6.8% during the same time frame, a net difference of 12.6%.

According to the American Medical News, employers in the health care industry more than tripled their hiring rates during from January through March of 2011 as compared to the same three months of the previous year.

Allied Health Care Careers

One career that offers some flexibility is as a dental assistant, where you might only have to work thirty or so hours per week. This career often provides great benefits. According to, the median annual salary for a dental assistant in Biloxi, Mississippi is $28,091.

Another potential career is as a pharmacy technician, where you would assist a pharmacist. Some of the other common careers include medical assistant, medical biller, veterinary technician, nutritionist, health care administrator, massage therapist, physical therapist and epidemiologist.

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