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People who suffer from ailments that do not seem to allow the pain to go away can benefit from acupuncture treatment, which gives pain relief to many who have had many unsuccessful treatment attempts. Acupuncture works well because it relies on the body’s own natural process to bring pain relief. Acupuncture can treat pains that arise from ailments in the lungs, kidney, spleen and the pericardium. The number of patients who are seeking acupuncture treatment is bound to increase since people know the side effects that come bundled with prolonged use of pharmaceutical drugs. Growing demand for the service in Wisconsin has raised the urgency to have more trained acupuncturists to meet the needs of the population.

There are specialized courses in acupuncture which prospective students can enroll and start training in this exciting oriental medicine field. Someone can take a Bsc. Nutrition at undergraduate level and top that with the Msc. Oriental Medicine qualification in Wisconsin. The good thing about it is that Wisconsin graduates of oriental medicine or acupuncture are qualified enough to carry out the service in other states in the USA. Normally, curriculum zeroes in on the building blocks of acupuncture, being physiology, diagnosis, pathology and treatment strategy. Chinese hospitals also base their treatment on this curriculum so a student can rest assured that he is learning the correct things.

Taking the Msc. Oriental Medicine degree ensures that one also knows about herbs and other formulas that are crucial in nutrition and Chinese therapy. This ensures that all students remain conversant with global standards of Chinese Medicine. It takes a minimum of 3 years to complete the Master level course in Acupuncture ( Once a person gets his practice license, he/she can perform both invasive and the common non-invasive types of acupuncture for good remuneration. In Wisconsin, acupuncturists earn between $60,000 and $100,000 out of their acupuncture career in just one year ( These earnings are way above the average salary of a citizen in Wisconsin.

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