Acupuncture Schools in West Virginia

The application of acupuncture as a medicinal treatment spans over a number of cases which include drug detox, stress relief and pain relief during sickness. Even after existing for centuries, acupuncture still continues to be a recognized and effective alternative medicine treatment in modern times. Placing needles on certain points all over the body usually helps an acupuncturist to simulate the body’s meridian network, which in turn allows the flow of energy to continue without blockages. Blockages are countless ailments that leave harsh side effects if treated using administered chemical drugs. This gives credence to the reason there is an upsurge of opportunities for new acupuncturists.

West Virginia remains a decent place to launch that career in acupuncture with the high-standard colleges willing to offer the courses in oriental medicine treatment. They are a solid foundation to understand how to manipulate sterile needles around key spots around the body to bring pain relief. Pain relief and nausea are common side effects of hospital treatments and these sometimes remain lingering long after a patient has been discharged from a hospital and correcting the flow of Qi is an art that needs to be taught. Oriental medicine topics include those such as meridian flows, working and connection of body organs, medical terminology and understanding of the common pathological states.

In West Virginia, most courses are structured in a problem-based model so that students are not shell-shocked when they discover that theory alone is not enough to practice in real life scenarios. One learns about everyday roles of support personnel and clinical receptors involved in the career and they may as well choose to practice in settings outside West Virginia. On average, a beginner acupuncturist and an acupuncture technician in West Virginia pockets $39,942 as his annual salary. Over time, West Virginia acupuncturists earn more, with experienced hands netting an average of $46,991 ( Chances to earn more money arise when the acupuncturists keep on updating their skills and learning new frontiers such as assisted use of robotics in acupuncture.

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