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Acupuncture is interesting because throughout the years, people are amazed at how applying pressure on selected points around the leg can bring relief to aches that are on the upper body or even reduce stress levels. This is because the human anatomy consists of different but connected parts which react in one way or another when a connected part is ailing. This form of Chinese traditional medicine is still in widespread use whenever people want to stimulate various parts of the body to heal naturally. The increased popularity of acupuncture is also partly due to the knowledge that acupuncture eliminates most of the side effects and dangers which come with prolonged conventional medicine use.

To become an acupuncturist in Washington, one will have to go through extensive education in the available Washington colleges which offer accredited programs. There are about 130 colleges in Washington ( and out of these, there are five or more colleges which can offer accredited courses in oriental medicine and acupuncture ( The ACAOM is the recognized agency that accredits courses and enforces all the standards of practicing acupuncture. The courses typically cover essentials of oriental medicine terminology and practice, meridian therapy, acupressure and shiatsu, alongside other must-know and basic medical theory. The students will in the end take exams to satisfy the institution that they are ready for the real world of acupuncture and the wider oriental medicinal therapy. A number of people who enroll for these courses are continuing students who have already been practicing acupuncture but need to keep up with trends and new information.

After graduating from the ACAOM accredited courses, graduates would be ready to practice (most courses need on-field training aside from pure theory). They work with patients from major hospitals and are always going to encounter a steady stream of patients because doctors keep referring patients for acupuncture therapy in certain cases where conventional medicine is not a good option. Acupuncturists in Spokane and Seattle, Washington earn an average of $41,000 while smaller cities like Tacoma earn $39,000 (

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