Acupuncture Schools in Vermont

If you want to have a career in acupuncture in the state of Vermont then conduct a survey on the job prospects in healthcare industry. According to an estimate of 2011, almost $740 million was spent on the health care in Vermont by the Medicare. On the other hand, 26% growth is predicted by 2020 in the employment rate of health diagnostic professionals ( Alternative medicine has been contributing greatly in sustaining the health ratio of Vermont.

You have to set some educational goals before getting admission in a traditional or online school. Up till today, there are no acupuncture schools in Vermont where you could learn the fundamental concepts and contemporary changes of acupuncture. But you can always apply for an online program offered by Kaplan University, Capella University and Post University.

You must have a solid background in science for studying acupuncture as the knowledge of neurobiology, medicine, psychology and biology are very important. An undergraduate degree in acupuncture is essential to comprehend the right method of treatment, diagnosis and therapies. An associate degree could help you in this regard as a bachelor’s degree is not available yet.

Moreover, for studying the core courses of acupuncture a master’s degree is compulsory. It will ensure you professional success as you will learn the use of different instruments, their application in various methods of treatments like needles, moxibustion, cupping, Qi and Gua Sha. The training to conduct therapies through inserting needles in the nerves will be given to you. It is merely done to relax the body, for eliminating pains and treating various physical and mental diseases.

Education, training and experience will qualify you for getting licensed from Vermont Secretary of State, Office of Professional Regulation. You could then apply in hospitals, spas, alternative healthcare centers, and massage therapy centers or work independently in a clinic. As an acupuncturist you could earn an annual median income of $72,000 yearly, as of 2013 (

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