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The state of Utah continues to make use of both modern medicine and traditional medicine, making its health practitioners give a lot of attention to acupuncture as an effective treatment. Acupuncture is a trusted oriental medicine which combines the dynamics of energy circulations through your whole body and with that, insertion of pins through the skin at these specific points allows proper flow of the energy (Qi) and in the end, relief against illness that is caused by the constricted flow. Utah schools offer the training under proper monitoring of an accreditation commission so that there are high standards of safety.

The typical course will cover legal aspects and scientific aspects of medicine. The certification will ensure that someone understood and passed the coursework containing high standard practices that acupuncturists need to undertake daily, including proper needle usage, location of the crucial points and the general styles for diagnosis. People learn extras like moxibustion, cupping and infrared heating. People skills are taught during the course, since acupuncture is a form of oriental medicine which needs people to go an extra step ahead and build trust between them and the patients. The course familiarizes the students with the expected responsibilities of acupuncturists as prescribed by Utah’s DOPL.

Considerable rewards await those who complete the rigorous curriculum. Once someone earns the certificate and enters the field as a certified practitioner, he can start earning while working in cooperation with other health practitioners or by themselves. In case someone is wondering whether it is worth it to take a 3 – 4 year course just to take up a job that is not in the mainstream medicine, he should know that the Utah acupuncturists get attractive remuneration packages for their job.

Acupuncturists in Utah earn on average $68,000 as per 2010 ( Acupuncture ties to a number of other oriental healing arts, making the acupuncturists have extra advantage and the capability of advising people on nutrition regimes and treatment plans that are related to oriental medicine, thereby opening up further avenues for earning money.

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