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Acupuncture as a treatment revolves around creating a balance in the flow of energy (Qi) through a body. This is vital in that since there is a communication between crucial organs within the body, a balance in the energy flow between these organs ensures our well-being and reduces chances that illness will occur. Acupuncture as a traditional treatment has been in use for over 2000 years now and involves an ancient art of placing needles at certain points to release pressure from them. As much as it is an ancient practice, it is still used in modern times and schools around Texas continue to offer training so that more acupuncturists can continue offering the much needed services.

Finding Accredited Acupuncture Training Schools within Texas

Texas has training schools in Houston or Austin enrolling the aspiring acupuncturists. There is more notable interest outside Houston and Austin because people are accepting acupuncture as a good way to deal with nausea and vomiting which temporarily comes after surgery and commonly after chemotherapy. The only difference is that it pays to have the training done in an accredited school so that someone can be sure about what he is learning. Accredited acupuncture schools in Texas offer reliable content in the curriculum, usually including the philosophy behind acupuncture and very important principles about Qi and Meridians.

The schools offering acupuncture is normally different in the approach they take to give the training but the key principles remain the same throughout. Texas has its own regulations for practicing acupuncturists and therefore, meeting the regulations should be a key goal of the training, aside from just the post-education activities such as connecting with potential employers. It takes an average of 3 to 4 years to complete the training, if someone is hoping to adequately cover the acupuncture field.

The career remains lucrative due to the growing number of visits and the state laws that allow acupuncturists to be self employed. Self employed acupuncturists and acupuncture technicians in Houston can earn an average of $45,000 in one year and $41,000 in Austin (

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