Acupuncture Schools in North Dakota

In North Dakota there is no separate license for an acupuncturist. To practice in the state you must be a medical doctor, an osteopath or a chiropractor. Although there is no formal training necessary for a doctor or osteopath, a chiropractor must complete 100 hours of acupuncture training. It is a good idea for anyone who wishes to practice acupuncture in North Dakota to become familiarized with the many intricacies of the ancient art that is becoming more and more popular today.

Acupuncture has been in practice for thousands of years by Asian cultures. It can help heal a wide variety of conditions with little to no side effects. This is one of the reasons it is becoming a more main stream form of medicine. Conditions treated include daily headaches, back pain, arthritis, upper respiratory infections and asthma, infertility and addiction. Herbal remedies are often used together with acupuncture as a complete course of action for patients.

The practice of acupuncture relies on the thought that the body is composed of pathways of energy that flow throughout the body. If a pathway becomes blocked then whatever corresponding organ or body part becomes affected and a person suffers an illness or complication. To keep a person healthy, acupuncture helps keep these pathways open so that a person’s energy can flow freely.

A visit to an acupuncturist includes an interview and diagnostic session and then a course of treatment. Treatment often includes the use of very tiny needles that are inserted into the body into points that correlate to the condition being treated. It is thought that with the right placement the needles can stimulate the nerves along the pathway to the brain which then release a hormone to stop the pain. This is just one theory of how acupuncture may work.

However it works, people are becoming more interested and aware of this ancient art of healing and it can be a good career choice for someone interested in medicine.

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