Acupuncture Schools in Maryland

As of late acupuncture has gained acceptance and popularity in many parts of the world. It is gradually being recognized as a therapeutic and healing method in the massage and oriental medicine fields. It is one of the oldest healing techniques from ancient Chinese medicine.

However, getting into the field of acupuncture to make a career out of it is not a straight forward task. You need to have the right academic qualifications and training in order to successfully enter the industry. The best place to receive relevant academic qualifications is through schooling which is why you need to find and enroll in an acupuncture program. Look for various acupuncture schools in Maryland to find an acupuncture program that gives you the necessary qualifications.

In Laurel, Maryland you will come across the Tai Sophia Institute which is the largest acupuncture school in the area as per its enrollments. In the year 2009, nearly 60 students successfully completed an acupuncture program for this institute. You should also look at various online programs in acupuncture as they may be convenient. You will come across a number of courses or programs that will help you understand the field of acupuncture.

Every aspiring acupuncturist must log a certain number of academic hours to earn a degree. This varies from state to state and therefore must be carefully researched. For instance, in Maryland, formal schooling hours is usually 1800 whereas 300 clinical hours must be logged.

The Maryland Acupuncture Society, Inc. ( and the Maryland Board of Acupuncture are good resource points for you to explore.

The average annual salary for acupuncturists and acupuncture technicians in Maryland is about $45,000 ( As you gradually understand the market dynamics, gain practical experience and expand your clientele, you should easily be able to earn more.

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