Acupuncture Colleges in Kentucky

Acupuncture is one of the oldest healing techniques that originated from ancient China. It uses needles on strategic pressure points on the body to manipulate the flow, creation and accumulation of natural energy. This energy is known as chi and is found in all living things.

If you wish to learn about acupuncture for the purpose of making a career out of it, then the best way to do so is by attending an acupuncture school. With the help of schooling, you will gain formal education in the field that will greatly familiarize you with the concepts. As a matter of fact, your career rests on the knowledge and training you receive during your foundation years.

You may find some acupuncture schools in Kentucky that should offer various programs in the field. There is also the option of online education that should not be discounted. The Genesis Career College and the Lexington Healing Arts Academy should also help you with educational needs. Furthermore, the Western Kentucky University may also offer you insight and programs into the field. Community colleges in Kentucky will also help you find a program in acupuncture – you just need to research.

For information on licensure, certification and understanding the industry, you may visit the Kentucky State Acupuncture Association website at ( This resource will greatly help you during your educational journey. The Kentucky Higher Education Assistance Authority ( may provide insight into funding and various other options that can make life for a student simpler. Therefore start using these resources for maximum relevant research.

As an acupuncturist in Kentucky, you may be able to earn around $34,000 annually ( This is just an average figure and can be greatly increased depending on the level of your experience and size of clientele.

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