Acupuncture Schools in Iowa

Iowa is an economically diverse state with the lowest unemployment ratio which attracts most of the people from other states to work here. You could be one of them or as a permanent resident of Iowa you could find numerous work opportunities in healthcare sector.

In recent times, acupuncture is recorded as the fastest growing field of alternative medicine which has been enabling a lot individuals to join healthcare industry. If you have studied biology and chemistry during high school then it may be easier for you to comprehend the basics of Chinese treatment and human physiology.

You will find many reputed online and campus based schools in Iowa offering programs in acupuncture. The programs offered are bachelor’s degree in complementary and alternative health and master’s degree in health sciences. During your studies, you will learn about holistic approach to maintain human health and prevent diseases.

An associate or certification program is usually offered by private colleges. However, some acupuncture centers have also compiled training programs for aspiring individuals. Therefore, you could get a chance to learn the ancient Chinese therapy techniques along with the usage of needles for balancing the energies that flow within the human body. You will be prepared to cure different types of pains, allergies, respiratory disorders, neurological and musculoskeletal disorders.

Clinical practice is an integral part of the program which will also help you obtain a license at the end of the day.  A 3 year post-secondary accredited program will make you eligible to apply for a licensure from the Iowa Board of Medicine. With state permission you could serve in acupuncture centers, spas, hospitals and even in educational institutes as a lecturer. Eventually, as an acupuncturist, your mean salary per year will be $70,000 in Iowa, as of 2013 (

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