Acupuncture Degree and Career Guide


Healthcare is an ancient concept. In the past when there were no medicines, it was the herbs that did the job. Along with them, there were various other concepts that provided healing to those in pain. One of those ancient concepts is acupuncture. Today acupuncture is implemented all over the world. An online degree also helps in becoming an acupuncturist and serve people.

Acupuncture is recognized as one of the oldest Chinese concept of medication by insertion of needles targeting the parts of the body. It is important that prior to the insertion of needles, anesthesia is provided so that the patient does not feel the pain in the body. The needles may also vary in sizes, according to the requirement. It might sound as one of the painful processes, but the benefits of it are far beyond the expectations. Even though, acupuncture is an ancient phenomenon, nevertheless today it is considered to be the necessity because of stressful developments in routine life.  According to the concept of modern medicine, acupuncture helps in the stimulation of brain, muscles and spinal cord as well as the releasing of the chemicals from the body.

Acupuncture Degrees

Candidates have the option to study acupuncture at a master’s level. This is because bachelor’s programs are unavailable due to the technicality of the degree. Generally, states require acupuncture professionals to be licensed through master’s programs. These programs are dependent on credit hours (which differ across institutions) but span over a maximum period of three years. Certifications are also available for acupuncture professionals such as those awarded by the National Certification Commission for Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine (NCCAOM). For master’s programs, candidates are required to have a bachelor’s degree in a related field of health/medicine including GRE and specified GPA scores.

A more hands on approach is required to become an acupuncturist but all this will depend on the state or country you reside in. And for this purpose, it is the teachers who can certainly play their role.  You can either choose a conventional or an online degree. An online degree is easier to get. People involved in jobs and other activities and are unable to manage time, can get their education completed with the achievement of an online degree.

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Candidates pursuing acupuncture degrees will primarily be tested on their motor skills. Using acupuncture as a means of treating patients has the major responsibility of precision in using needles, similar to that of surgeons. Under acupuncture, candidates will have to largely integrate the theory of traditional Chinese acupuncture practices and earn the trust of the patients in order to provide them with safe and effective healing solutions. Typical courses that candidates will cover are: basic Chinese medicine, surface anatomy, location of points, communications as well as courses solely based on different areas of Chinese medicine such as Qi Gong.

Job Duties

Acupuncture is gaining wide popularity and therefore aims to be the most fruitful asset to overcome stress. An acupuncturist makes use of needles as well as herbs and other necessary devices and objects to heal people. The approach of an acupuncturist is a complex one. An acupuncturist treats all  illnesses of people such as hypertension, emphysema, gastrointestinal stress, headaches, occupational stress, depression, arthritis, and allergies. The career of an acupuncturist might be quite  a rewarding one.


Even though, acupuncture is a historical concept, nevertheless today it has transformed into one of the most rewarding careers. Today, the need to remove stress from our lives is necessary to move forward and doing  concerned activities in a much better way. According to The American Association of Oriental Medicine, the salary range for acupuncturists ranges $40-$70 per session.

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