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One of the biggest addictions till date is alcohol. It may destroy familial relations, social circle and many other related connections. The life of an individual suffering from addiction of drugs and alcohol deteriorates gradually. Therefore, to overcome these unhealthy consequences, it is the job scope of alcoholic treatment center administrator to give valuable advices regarding alcohol addiction. You may opt for an online degree as well as a conventional one to access the job prospects.

An alcoholic treatment center administration is a management-level career related to the domain of alcohol counseling and substance abuse. Being an alcoholic treatment center administrator, you might be required ensure the efficiency of the treatment programs. The typical duties are: counseling, coordinating and supervising of administrative and medical staff, along with various other activities. Administrators may also be required to do multi-tasking jobs at work. An administrator must have a clear understanding about what needs to be done regarding the treatment process. An administrator must be required to possess strong interpersonal and communication skills, so that he or she may easily interact with others. The administrator has to be patient while providing services to the victims of alcoholic abuse, and ensure that the patients are free from it.

Job Outlook

The alcoholic treatment center administrators have great prospects of job growth. Generally, they might get opportunities to cement their position dealing with the issues of alcohol. They are required to bridge the gaps between the patients and the doctors. It is never easy for an alcoholic administrator to provide constant emotional support to the patients. It is truly important that the administrator needs to be positive while providing counseling services. The job growth for the administrators is a marvelous one, as compared to the other healthcare occupations of the industry. Frequently, a person affected by alcohol addiction is incompetent of seeking aid. They deny acknowledging the negative effects of their addiction have on themselves and on those around them. Regrettably, only slightly more or less than 11% affected patients prefer the services of the administrator.


The salary of an alcoholic treatment center administrator is a fruitful one, to provide family the support. Thus the growth has been seen in the years regarding salary matters. As reported by the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the alcoholic treatment center administrator earns more or less $38,560 annually.

Educational Requirements

For starting a career as an alcoholic treatment center administrator, you may require at least a Bachelor’s degree in the relevant field such as healthcare administration or social work. It might be easier to pursue career, if you have prior experience working in business or counseling. A minimum Bachelor’s degree is required or 2-3 years masters might be fruitful for becoming alcoholic treatment center administrator. The course work includes the theories of necessities of business leadership, substance abuse, cluster therapy as well as human resource principles. You may also opt for an online healthcare degree, in case you may not be available for a conventional one because of the daily hectic schedules.

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