How to Become an Alcohol Therapist


The most severe form of alcohol abuse is alcohol dependence or alcoholism. It may be categorized among the chronic diseases that affect both mental and physical health. In addition, family relations and social responsibilities are also affected immensely. An individual, who may be affected by alcohol abuse, may continue to consume alcohol despite the fact of suffering and being aware about alcohol related health disorders.

The role of a drug alcohol counselor is to assist people having issues related to alcohol, drugs, gambling, and eating disorders. Drug and alcohol counselors are required to facilitate individuals plagued by addiction to spot their unhealthy habits and help them to the road to healthy lifestyle. Counselors typically sit down with their patients on a man-to-man basis. There may also be group sessions for other addicts to voice up their concerns.

Job Duties

Job prospects are suitable for substance abuse and behavioral disorder counselors, significantly for those with specialized education or training. Employers may generally have an issue recruiting people with the sound knowledge and the expertise for dealing with the patient’s addiction. Moreover a number of employees move on after gaining right amount of experience and are replaced. Thus, those who may be willing to join the field may get an opportunity to cement their place in the absence. Recently, the system of criminal justice have identified that the criminals associated with drugs may not likely to repeat the offense if they have been provided with proper counseling treatment. Thus, sentences for drug offenders typically embrace counseling treatment programs. This application is anticipated to extend the utilization of substance abuse treatment programs and also the demand for addiction counselors.


Salary is a beneficial factor that affects the life of a professional. Mainly it is the experience that decides what salary figure may be appropriate. The salary of an alcohol therapist may mainly depend upon the state of own and employer’s residence. The average annual salary earned by alcohol therapists since 2011, as reported by the Bureau of Labor Statistics is $38,560 on annual basis.

Educational Requirements

The requirement of education varies according to the laws of the state and the institute enrolled. Those with a Master’s degree might have better prospects for advancing in the field as an alcohol therapist. Substance abuse and behavioral disorder counselors in non-public apply should be licensed. Being licensed to figure during this setting needs a Master’s Degree and of 2,000 hours to 3,000 hours of supervised clinical expertise.

Furthermore, each year, the counselors may need to pass a state-recognized exam and complete education. Contact information for your state’s regulating board may often be found through the National Board for Certified Counselors. The certification or license may depend upon the regulation of the state and the institute. You may also opt for an online degree, in case you may not be able to take out considerable amount of time for a conventional education. From this way, you may be able to continue education as well as to continue with daily routine activities at the same time.

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