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Since the ages, the field of nursing has dedicated itself towards the survival of generations. When we talk about nursing, one of the names that come to mind is Florence Nightingale. She dedicated herself to provide services for the heroes of Crimean War. This was something that enabled her to go beyond limits. Thus, the return of it was such that today the field of has turned into a diversified field and is respected all over the world.

Advanced practice nurses are related to the field of registered nurses who may have gained advanced training for expanded clinical practice. Career of an advanced practice registered nurse comprises of nurse midwives, acute care nurse practitioners, clinical nurse specialists, or nurse anesthetists. They together play a pivotal role within the health care settings. Generally, APRNs are at the forefront of providing preventative care to the general public as well as typically primary care suppliers. It is the responsibility of the advance practice nursing to provide facilities of healthcare in collaboration with the healthcare professionals and doctors.

Job Duties

The purpose of a nurse practitioner is to deal and diagnose with the stable and common acute chronic problems of health. Besides their conventional skills of registered nursing, nurse practitioners may be required to furnish medications, execute comprehensive physical examinations, request specialty consultations, order and interpret diagnostic tests and perform and prescribe therapeutic measures. A nurse practitioner may be concerned with disease prevention and health promotion as well as the education of the family and patient. Advanced practice registered nurses are consistent as well as fair throughout the country. Thus the scope of it is not a limited one. Along with the current work, ANA also plays its part to provide training sessions to APRNs (Advanced Practice Registered Nurses).


The scope for advanced practice nurse is not a limited one by any means. It includes handsome salary as well as the job growth. As reported by the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the annual salary for a registered nurse, since 2011, is more or less $69,110 on annual basis.

Educational Requirements

After graduation, a nurse practitioner must take national certification exams. Mostly it depends upon the university you are enrolled as well as the state regulations. Becoming an advanced practice nurse, may mostly require a master’s degree. As in the most cases, you may also be required to have a state license for becoming a nurse besides earning a master’s degree. If you may already have Bachelor of Science in nursing, a master’s degree can probably need an extra 2 years of education. However if you are an RN, you might need BSN to get enrolled in master’s degree program.

A nurse getting ready to become a nurse practitioner should complete courses associated with the direct care of people, as well as pharmacology, differential diagnosis, clinical decision-making and medical therapeutics. You may also opt for an online nursing degree, in case you may not be able to achieve a conventional campus based education. Thus it may also turn out to be fruitful as far as money and time saving is concerned. Thus you may continue with the daily affairs, without disturbing your education.

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